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All production members of type UTL (jobsysins, etc) reside in PROD.XX.END.JOBSYSIN (where XX denotes the system the jobsysin is associated with). The following paragraphs outline how to implement UTLs into production.

- Retrieve the UTL from Endevor to yourid.LIB.JOBSYSIN.

- Make the necessary changes.
- Add the UTL from the PDS to Endevor Stage U. You can use FOREGROUND
(Option 2 from the Endevor Primary Options Menu). If adding a new jobsysin,
you must specify processor group *NOPROC*. The former processor group UTL is
not available in the CLAIMST environment.

- Move the UTL from Endevor Stage U to Endevor Stage C, using package
processing (see sections V.7.a through f).

- Begin Testing.

- Add the UTL to production.

- A hard copy printout is not needed. One can browse Endevor to see the most
recent member.