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All production copylib members are located in SYSTM1.ENDEVOR.COPYLIB on System C -
Endevor Stage 2. The following outlines the procedures for implementing
COPYLIB changes.

 Sign the COPYLIB member out in signout document located in the current
implementation folder.

- Determine all programs that use the changing COPYLIB member. (An Endevor
scan flags the programs using the copybook; see section XX. Be aware
that these scans will not find references to the "Telon generated" copybook
references such as OTTMUPDA and OTTMWORK.)

- Notify ACES team via MAIL NOTE in a timely manner. You should identify what
source members are involved, what the change involves, Project number (if
applicable), when the change will be implemented, and any other pertinent

- Retrieve the COPYBOOK Element from Stage 2 Endevor to OTXX94.COPYLIB.DATA.
Be careful not to overlay anyone else's changes.

- Make the change (refer to the online testing document on Aces

- ADD the COPYBOOK Element to Endevor Stage U. You can do this using
FOREGROUND (Option 2 from the Endevor Primary Options Menu). Copybooks are
added as *NOPROC* in the mapped environment.

- REGENERATE any affected programs to Endevor Stage U (for information on how to do this, see section VI.1, above) to pick up the new copybook. You may
also need to relink.

- MOVE any affected Elements (programs and copybooks) to Endevor Stage C
(package processing) Bind (Q.14) where necessary.

- Begin Testing.

- Move to production.

- A hard copy of the copy member is not needed. One can see the most
recent version by browsing Endevor Stage 2.

- Send a MAIL NOTE notifying ACES team when the change is complete.