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NOTE: These procedures are different because normally at night you will not have 2 Endevor approvers. So you will have to force the change to execute outside of Endevor and put it into Endevor the next day, if necessary.

If you are forcing a program into production at night here are some
things to remember/consider:

1. Compile the program using Q.2.1 specifying your own TSO library names
2. Check the job to be sure that it compiled clean. If necessary run a test if you have to on SYSC
3. Copy the appropriate binddeck needed to PROD.OT.PRODBIND
4. Edit the binddeck to point to your own TSO DBRM library name from the compile. You should place your dataset name ABOVE the PROD.OT.END.DBRMLIB and there should not be any other members in your library
5. Edit the job OTXX94.SYSG.DB2.CNTL(BIND).
6. Change the notify parameter to the ID that you are logged onto
7. Make sure it says XEQ NJEG to run on system G
8. Make sure the first exec statement is NOT commented (should be PROD.OT.PRODBIND) and the second exec statement IS commented (should be PROD.OT.PRODBBND).
9. Submit the job OTXX94.SYSG.DB2.CNTL(BIND) on system G.
10. Check the job in $avers to make sure the bind was successful.
11. Copy the related PROD proc to SYSTM1.ENDEVOR.TESTPROC and concatenate your TSO load dataset, defined in the compile, above the PROD.OT.END.LOADLIB. It is best to keep this module isolated therefore it needs to be the only one in your TSO load library.
12. Call the operator and ask them to restart the job with a step/restart if necessary.